Sunday, 7 September 2008

Come back to POSTER DESIGN! A Guide to Designing a POSTER

Some good things that i had discovered about Poster Design "How to have a good poster design!"

Designing a poster is a challenge because space is limited. It must be lean and clean, standing alone if you are not present, and gain attention as audience come and go.

1. General Information about Poster Sessions
2. Analyzing Your Audiences
Showcasing the "News" in your Topic
4. Visualizing the "News" in the Design Space
5. Creating Coherence
6. Applying Poster Style to the Text of Your Poster

To get more information and have a good understanding about designing poster design:


Usefull websites..........!

There are some useful websites that i often use them during DIM2. - This website is all tutorials about FLASH by a famous man. Visit his blog for more advanced tutorial. - PHOTOSHOP and FLASH tutorialls. - A good website for people who like ILLUSTRATOR, we can share our works, study and more.

I expected them will be useful for everyone who come to my blog.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Amazing Animal...for Fun...! - Part2

There are some more funny images, Have Fun with them!