Sunday, 30 November 2008


There is my home work, and topic is typography. I draw them and scan them. My idea comes from leafs and branches. Finally, I have my typography.

My Layout for my Reasearch Page!

This is my first assignment, I have to choose one designer and write some things about his/her biography, style and so on. Moreover, I also pick up three work of them to critic, it should follow assignment brief in four concepts including Elements, Gestalt, Principles and Typography. After that, I have to layout it like a magazine.

My designer is April Greiman, she was born in 1948 in New York City. She is an American graphic designer innovative work reflects a witty synthesis of Swiss style graphic design, the colors and the multilayered effects made whose highly possible technology. During her life, April Greiman got lost of awards and published many books. She also established her Inc called "Made In Space"!

Finally, there is my work. I think my background is not good.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Animated buttons with Flash.

In this topic, I do not know "How to post file .swf on", so I will post images.

Blending and Layer Style

I mostly use blending options and layer style and some brush presets to create this image. The picture is about rainbows at night, but i think this image is in trouble with colors and the size should be smaller.

I create rainbows in Illustrator by using Appearance panel after I draw a circle by Ellipse Tool to add more strokes.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

My Gestalt Exercise.

Gestalt theory is a new knowledge with me and there are five gestalt concepts including closure, continuance, similarity, proximity and alignment. I think it is quite difficult because you will be confused about five concepts, they have little bit similarity and you will have mistake if you do not understand them clearly.

This is a exercise to apply for gestalt and my work.

Creating texts with Photoshop.

There is a easy way to creating texts with Photoshop, it does not cost lots of time to do.

And this is my work.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

My T-shirt Design...!

There is my T-shirt design and the topic is Sun & Moon, 4 colour is maxium including no words. My idea comes from tattoo style and try to make sun and moon in symbols. I think it is a interesting topic but very difficult because you have to design that when people look at your T-shirt and understand what are you going to show .

Firstly, I try to draw sun and moon but after that, I can not draw them in Illustrator again, so I change to make them simple and easy for everyone is easy to understand.

I think my sun and moon is easiest, just moon and sun combine together, but the moon is a little bit difficult to see. Then, arounding them is some symbol like tattoo and I keep my desgin in back and white colour. Finally I got my T-shirt design.