Sunday, 2 November 2008

My T-shirt Design...!

There is my T-shirt design and the topic is Sun & Moon, 4 colour is maxium including no words. My idea comes from tattoo style and try to make sun and moon in symbols. I think it is a interesting topic but very difficult because you have to design that when people look at your T-shirt and understand what are you going to show .

Firstly, I try to draw sun and moon but after that, I can not draw them in Illustrator again, so I change to make them simple and easy for everyone is easy to understand.

I think my sun and moon is easiest, just moon and sun combine together, but the moon is a little bit difficult to see. Then, arounding them is some symbol like tattoo and I keep my desgin in back and white colour. Finally I got my T-shirt design.

1 comment:

Dim Sum said...

Well, now that you've learned about tracing in illustrator, it should be a little easier to convert your drawings into vector graphics.

As for this design, the tatoo style is definitely being reflected here. I actually like the simplicity of just the circles with the fleck of light.