Sunday, 3 August 2008

Poster Design.....

Design a poster was really difficult, we firstly think about the concepts that relate to the message of poster wants to give people. Topic of my poster is save the tigers, i lost 3 days to lists all concepts and during my work, i added these in my poster. There are too much objects in it, my teacher (LiPing) delete two of them and only keep a powerful concept. However, many classmate used a same slogan with me, but it is extremely strong slogan.

The background of my poster is world map, so it has many spaces and difficult to have a proportion. My idea is try to persuade people in the world that live environment of tigers has been decreased and they are also facing with many problems. I use red color like warning the situation of them in danger and the big shape red color is the original of tiger in the world now.

And, there is my world, it is not good, do not abstracted and strong message. I think so, i will try my best for next time.

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