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Advertising Milestone in American from 1704 to 1930

Building trademark is the most important in business, there are many way to expand trademark of the company and advertising is a very abstracted way. When the first advertisement was published in newspaper in 1704, it had a strong development. It currently become a foundation part of every company, to decide success for them and the advertising industry has begun and it plays a important role in commerce and industry growth. In the past, advertising was only on newspaper or poster, but through out the development of multi-media, it has a new face. Advertisement appears anywhere in the world on TV, internet, street, mobile phone, websites, etc, and they proved that each advertise give customers a different looks. Productions, developer,s agencies are being tried to raise advertising to a new age. Let look at important events in American Advertising, also the world.

Begin first in Philadelphia with the first newspaper advertisement, an announcement seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island, estate, was published in the Boston News-Letter in early 1704.

Advertising writers of the mid-1800s developed an excessive, flamboyant style characterized by the showmanship of PT Barnum's circus promotions. Coca-Cola was the first registered as a trademark, with big advertising plans, it is becoming the most recognized trademark in the world.

Poster in 1886 - Drink Coca-Cola
Poster in 1904 - Delicious and Refreshing

After 1704, lots of newspapers and magazine used for advertisement such as The Pennsylvania Packets $ Daily Advertiser in 1784, the Sun in 1833. In 1873, The first convention of advertising agents is held in New York and from 1886, N.W.Ayer promoted advertising with the slogan. Appearance of a magazine that seems a schoolmaster in the art of advertising in 1893.

The value of slogan had bring for National Biscuits Co. million-dollar advertising campaign Uneeda in 1898.
From 1900 to 1916, many agencies established in New York and advertisement proved its value with high profit in the number of million. In 1917, the first agency trade association began with 111 members (The American of Association Advertising Agencies).

In 1923, the first regular series of broadcast entertainment and music to be sponsored as a advertiser and in 1924, the age of radio networks started and the National Broadcasting Co. was launched also in 1926. Early 1930, advertising had reached to billion-dollar. There are some posters in this period.

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